Readers Comments

– I have to say Synthesis was an education for me.

– There are a lot of shocking facts in there that I never knew, and a lot of connections that I had  – never made before. Certainly I have developed a great deal of sympathy for the Cuban people, and of course for all the poor, blameless individuals caught up in the US-inspired conflicts around the world.

– Personally speaking, I felt the story of the five escapees was an inspired way of getting the message across. It makes it much more accessible than a dry political text would.

– Re. ???

I was completely shocked and horrified. I never saw it coming. – You have some really good ideas, and I especially liked the way you handled this.

– The plot is also interesting and engaging, its not predictable, the pace is good, etc, so it also reads well purely as a story. That’s a pretty good achievement, especially for a first-time author.