Synthesis Chapters

This is a complete list of all chapters in Synthesis.

Free Sample Chapters (shown in orange):

The Free Chapters are a sample of the five escapees’ adventure story; what happens to them and how the Cubans deal with the issues they present. They also give a flavour of the kind of issues that the polemical chapters deal with, to show the big picture of how the world actually turns

Chapter 1 The Impossible Escape
Chapter 2 Missing Numbers
Chapter 3 Sanctuary
Chapter 4 X-Ray the Eagle
Chapter 5 Religious Duties and Ethical dilemmas
Chapter 6 Escape Repercussions
Chapter 7 Priest and the Bishop
Chapter 8 Culture and Crafts
Chapter 9 Asylum
Chapter 10 Constitutional Right to Leisure
Chapter 11 Communist Party offices
Chapter 12 La Casa
Chapter 13 Emergency Exercises
Chapter 14 Lay-man’s Speech
Chapter 15 Free and Incarcerated Again
Chapter 16 Lost in Translation
Chapter 17 Havana Takes Control
Chapter 18 C17’s Hydraulic Lines
Chapter 19 White-Dove
Chapter 20 The Capital
Chapter 21 Protective Custody
Chapter 22 Interviews Commence
Chapter 23 Cuba-US Escape Repercussions
Chapter 24 Caspian Sea Pipeline Map
Chapter 25 Rendition Blues
Chapter 26 US-Cuba Mutual Concerns
Chapter 27 Born to Resist
Chapter 28 Safe-house
Chapter 29 Uncle’s Story
Chapter 30 Secret Negotiations
Chapter 31 Sooner You Confess, Sooner You Can Stay Locked Up
Chapter 32 Victor’s Justice
Chapter 33 Escape Logistics
Chapter 34 Good Guys and Bad Guys
Chapter 35 Question Time – Part One
Chapter 36 Beliefs and Uncertainties
Chapter 37 International Political Developments
Chapter 38 Question time – Part Two
Chapter 39 New World Order
Chapter 40 The Synthesis
Chapter 41 A Polemic of Our Time
Chapter 42 Global Warming Fundamentalists
Chapter 43 Smarter Big Lies
Chapter 44 Habana and E=mc²
Chapter 45 Epilogue
Chapter 46 Taking Stock
Chapter 47 Banksters
Chapter 48 War on Terror Has Failed
Chapter 49 Counter-revolution
Chapter 50 Full Spectrum Dominance
Chapter 51 Baiting the Bear
Chapter 52 Orange Revolution
Chapter 53 Bombs and Bullets or Medical diplomacy?
Chapter 54 War on Dissent
Chapter 55 Rigged-democracy to Multi-Polar World
Chapter 56 The Big Picture
Chapter 57 Regime Change Refugees
Chapter 58 The Three Ts
Chapter 59 Nabucco pipeline – versus Syrian people
Chapter 60 Russian Intervention
Chapter 61 The Gift that Keeps Giving
Chapter 62 Not a War on Terror but Civil Liberties
Chapter 63 Neoliberalism
Chapter 64 End Game – Part One
Chapter 65 End Game – Part Two
Chapter 66 Snap Election